The Annual Ohio Celtic Festival

About The Festival

Back in 1992, the idea of an Irish festival on the east side of Cleveland came about.

Two years later in 1994 the Irish Summerfest was launched at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Painesville Ohio.

After two years the festival moved to a new home in Euclid. For ten wonderful years the Irish Summerfest brought together thousands of families for a weekend of the best Celtic entertainment with the whole family in mind. In 2007 the festival moved to the Captains Park in Eastlake. Sadly, the Irish Summerfest could not continue.

The Irish Summerfest was sponsored by Our Heritage Our Home Inc. and the main fundraiser for our scholarship foundation.

From the Director

Director of the Ohio Celtic and Irish Festival As director of the Irish Summerfest for 13 years I was honored to be in charge of a festival that brought to the Cleveland area a weekend of Irish music, song and dance with something for the whole family.

Beside me were a dedicated committee and over 200 volunteers who gave generously of their time to see that all had an enjoyable day out. Over the years through our non profit corporation we awarded 19 scholarships to students attending colleges and universities.

But after our 2007 festival due to the economic down turn we were unable to return in 2008. For the past five years I've met numerous people who say how they miss our festival and ask if it can be brought back.

On one of my recent trips home I visited two of my favorite towns, Dingle and Killarney. In Dingle I spent an evening listening to a folk group who were magnificent. In Killarney I visited the Gleneagles hotel where close to 400 people packed the dance floor dancing their favorite waltzes and quick steps. Then I began to think that we need more of that here in the Greater Cleveland area, and maybe its time to bring back the Irish Summerfest.

Yes we'll probably have a few bumps along the way, but again with a dedicated committee and volunteers our goal is to bring you a weekend of wonderful music, song and dance for the whole family's enjoyment.

Follow us on Facebook, visit our web site often, and tell us what you'd like to see.

We'll see you this summer.

Thank you,

Pat Coyne.